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How to Make fruit PressesFruit press, also known as a juice press or vegetable press, is a device used to press the juice out of a masticated or grounded up fruit or vegetable. Leaving behind a pure juice. Free of pulp for easy simulation into the  the body of the juices nutrients and minerals.

This e-book will teach you how to make a vegetable press. This vegetable press or fruit press what ever you would like to call it. Is used mainly in part for the Gerson Therapy, but of course not only limited to this. The Gerson Therapy teaches that freshly made organic juices ((more about this later)) should be processed in a two step combination. The first step is to masticate/grind up the vegetables. This is accomplished by either a Norwalk Juicer Or a Champion Juicer. This particular fruit press is to be used in conjunction with a Champion Juicer or what ever set up you have decided will work with this. (The gerson therapy only allows a champion juicer to grind up the pulp, nothing else) The second step is to press the grounded pulp from organic fruits or vegetables in a fruit press. The remaining product is a rich and alive juice thriving with nutrients and minerals. Of course the nutrients alone will more than help a human body, but also the pressed juice helps keep the nutrients alive. A conventional juicer spins extremely fast thus heating the juices to a very high temperature and destroying natural nutrients and enzymes. Or quickly oxidizes the juice due to large amounts of oxygen let in. But this 2 step process spoken off by the Gerson Therapy makes sure the juice from the organic vegetables stays alive and well. It is much harder to bring a sick body back to health with a depleted and dead vegetable juice. Organic vegetable juices will also revitalize a persons health to its greatest potential, allowing you to achieve your God given destiny.              Fruit Press

Vegetable Press Process

As mentioned above this is a 2 step process. For the making of the pulp you will need a Champion Juicer. This juicer comes with two bottom screens one metal one with holes in it and another plastic solid one. We will use the solid one for this set up, it allows the the organic vegetables to be grounded up and not juiced in a single process. The end product will come out of the juicers mouth. See picture. It is then captured in a juicing bag. Then pressed in the vegetable press removing the pulp and leaving only the organic juice teaming with life. It is Highly recommended that you only use organic vegetables. Normal grown vegetables are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides to keep the plants alive and pest free. Not only do we take these same chemicals into our body when we eat them, but they are only given 3 popular nutrients to grow. This makes them extremely deficient missing more than 52 other nutrients that normal organic vegetables have. When a normal vegetable is juiced it concentrates the pesticides in to a chemical cocktail as it is in a juice form. The Norwalk juicer is the choice machine to Vegetable pressaccomplish these steps but at a $2,000 price it is to expensive for most people, leaving this vegetable press as a price effective alternative. This press can be made for about $50 to $80 dollars, far less than the other $300 to $400 price tag on other juice presses. The cost of this e-book is $4.99 and it will more than pay for itself in money and in health. After your purchase you can download this e-book INSTANTLY. 

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